Dump The Bosses

from by Ukulele Dave

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If you're tired of working hard with little in your wallet
And you're sick of scrimping and saving 'cos you've little left to show for it,
And you spend your working hours lining someone else's pocket
And all your energy and enterprise goes for someone else's profit,
Well, maybe you'd be happier, if you didn't have to toil
To pay for the banker's champagne, cocaine and planes dropping Bombs on foreign soil, for oil.
Dump The Bosses Off Your Backs.

I know it may sound crazy to think that we could all be free,
I felt the same myself, until I began to see
That it's us that does the work and the organizing anyway,
So who the hell do they think they're kidding, when they say that
The workers of the world, and the poor, and the oppressed
Couldn't make a better job of it than their stupid bloody mess,
Oh I know who I would go to if I needed something done!
So come on, everyone and
Dump The Bosses Off Your Backs

Now we've talked about the problems confronting you and me
And we've talked about a better world where we could all be free
Now we have to organise it in our work and on our streets
To create the revolution that the bosses cannot beat
In our hands is placed a power greater than their gold
And greater than the might of armies magnified a thousandfold
We can bring to birth a new world from the ashes of the old
When we just.....
Dump The Bosses Off Our Backs.


from Tin Pan Anarchy, track released June 18, 2012



all rights reserved


Ukulele Dave Hastings, UK

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